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Jensen Ackles is lesbian approved!

Bradley Cooper as Sexiest Man Alive is a fricken joke!

Now here a cause I can definitely get behind!

As if that were a possible conclusion when they have so many men to choose from who are not half as easy on the eyes as Jensen and Jared. It must be a joke, and not a good one. Bradley Cooper really?!



Time to Meet the New Boss, He’s Kinkier than the Old Boss 7 of ?

I’m here to see the senator regarding abuse of power.

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Awesome Wincest Video

Stephen Colbert The Word – Bully Pulpit

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The Word – Bully Pulpit
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Now that’s how you drink coffee damn it!

When are they gonna get their heads out of their asses and get Jensen and Jared to do videos like these.
Instead of worthless and humiliating hostage videos.
I don’t mind Wincest vids being transmitted through space and seen by aliens.
But that hostage video couldn’t be more painful if we tried.
Although maybe the aliens will be so outraged they will come to earth,
probe Clint Klusterfuck and shoot him into outerspace.

Time to Meet the New Boss, He’s Kinkier than the Old Boss 6 of ?

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