Jared at TCA

Damn Jared looking good!

Apparently Jared wore the coat to represent him and Jensen.

Tell the  truth Jared you also squeezed into a pair of Jensen’s boxer briefs as well.

Calm yourself, yes Jared Padalecki is in the house. Don’t be bashful Jared.

Ed I don’t think Jensen would approve you rubbing up on Jared.

Jared’s all I appreciate that you think I’m hot and all, but I’m gonna lean away now. kay?

I’m getting the feeling that Ed asked to sit next to Jared and has been studying Jensen’s tapes trying to figure out how to woo him.

A scarf and naked ankles cuz Jared likes to lick Jensen’s isn’t going to be enough.

Is that money on the table because Ed is trying to buy him for the evening. Honey Jared don’t come cheap.

Now look what you did he’s feeling spazzy and awkward.

Ed stop staring at Jared’s package. Have a little class would you?

You know Ed’s thinking about what a man’s hand and foot size say about him.

Is Ed trying to look at Jared’s ass? Couldn’t blame him if he was.


About Hollowdoll

I have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth. You could buy me the most expensive brain to mouth filter for my birthday and it would sit on a shelf collecting dust.

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  1. Oh my! Jared is in for it when he gets home. Pure foreplay! So beautiful!

  2. I bet this is more amusing than the actual panel. snort! Oh Jared you are so sexy!

  3. Pure UNF! Jared your so sassy!

  4. *snerk* Jared is quite the looker as always! Ed keep your grimey paws to yourself! ;-P

  5. DAMN boi! Looking FINE. I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on him in the spring UNF!

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