Supernatural Season 8, it’s on! Hopefully they’ll take more off!

Here’s to another year of fandumb arguing over Castiel being on the show.


Who are we kidding. We’ll be watching Season 8!



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I have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth. You could buy me the most expensive brain to mouth filter for my birthday and it would sit on a shelf collecting dust.

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  1. No doubt about it. What’s Supernatural sucks you in. There’s no getting out! Who’d want to anyway?

  2. I was waiting for the ridiculously funny pics you make to celebrate each season. You didn’t let me down. Hooray for S8!

  3. It amuses me how much fandumb is divided about Castiel. Oh well. So excited! But we knew there would be a season 8. no doubt about it.

  4. WOW! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! I knew they are special, but this should show everyone just HOW good this show is. And of course The eye candy is illegal!

  5. SO excite for season 8. And Misha is the absolute king of my heart. I mean, you KNOW how I feel about J2 but I would MARRY Misha in a heartbeat. In terms of sense of humour and intellect he is my ideal guy. People who don’t get him are missing out big time.

    One more year my lovelies – weeeeeee! xoxoxo

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