Jensen and Jared kickin it at Comic Con

Love how Jensen screams for Jared and keeps screaming until Jared can see him. And then Jared gives the thumbs down for Misha! XD

And Jared putting his hand on Jensen’s chair.

Then of course I stopped watching and fast forwarded as I HATE SPOILERS!

At 8:16 there is quite a cute little exchange between J2.

I disagree there is a little bit of resemblance between Jensen and Jared.

I know lots of siblings that don’t look that much like each other.

Although maybe Mary had a one night stand one time when She and John were fighting and he left for a while.

Now that is an avenue I want to explore as have many in fanfics.

And Jensen always getting the girls all rowdy.

Captain Thunderpants huh?!

Jared please to tell us more about being tied up. Can’t get enough of that! ;-P

Jensen for the save! He should have let Jared keep running at the mouth.

And then proceeds to paint a lovely picture of a the sensitive places he chafes after a long day of wearing bloody clothes.

Oh Jensen….Deathstiel, your such a card.

Don’t mind Jared getting up in your space do ya?

Stand by Your Man ….erm hmmm…..

Oh Jared, I love you and I want to smack you with a wet noodle sometimes!
I got caught up and before I knew it, it was spoiler city. Oh well.
The important stuff between the brothers is still pretty much unknown.
And as long as Sam and Dean end up together, the rest is mostly filler to me. XD

Not even Misha can distract Jensen from talking about Jared. XD





Too many good pics to copy them all!


Bonus Jared at NerdHQ Panel looking so adorably sexy it’s disgusting!  ackyyEAiurufhfh!!!!

as well as a bit of the gagreel from:

And Daddy Long Legs returns to Vancouver

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  1. ccthepornqueen

    ok, well then, boys, you definitely don’t mind being all squished up in each others space, now do ya? XD as it should be, forever and always, amen

  2. Those pics with Jared and the fan are ridiculous! You pretty bastard. I can’t decide who’s fabulous face irks me more. Jensen or Jared’s. Why can’t I quit you both. The amount of time spent on J2 is not one I would like to admit to in public! XD Oh well. no regrets. Watching their magnetic chemistry feels too right to be wrong!

  3. Like two magnets that can’t be kept apart. They tiptoe around each other in a beautiful dance. It is amazing how much time passes before you know it while visiting J2 land. They are a force like the Bermuda Triangle! Damn I can’t wait for the next season and to see the whole gag reel.

  4. There’s noway that Jared can keep his hands off Jensen and they certainly enjoy sharing their personal space. They don’t seem to mind sharing their space or anything personal between the three of them. I noticed that Jared leaned into Jensen and patted his leg. There were so many pictures of Jared touching Jensen, and Jensen leaning into Jared.
    Then there is Misha who seems to be the third musketeer. Oh what a lovely bunch of
    coconuts that 3 some makes!

  5. Lovely boys!!! Ugh, how do they just keep getting more beautiful?! I saw the Destiel question yesterday (snort) and I think Jensen is getting a bit better at dealing although it still makes me LOL that he’ll try and deny all knowledge after 7 years of these things. Love how Jim was all like ‘YOU KNOW!’ and Bedlund and Misha joined in. And doubly love how Jared scooted in and put his arm around Jensen’s chair. Not possessive at all. Just ‘looking for out each other’ as always ;)

    • It is quite the thinker isn’t it? J2 must feed of each other’s natural energy. Yup that’s it. Hint, Hint. Nudge, Nudge. ;-P Seriously adorable when they get possessive and protective of each other.

      Here’s the Full Panel with a closer view and some play by play I borrowed from SPN gossip. Oh what a treasure trove of amusement as always.

      1:30-When Jared comes out on stage they do a little hand shake, but then Jared rubs his hand down Jensen’s back…all the way to his ass.

      1:35-Jared boos Misha, and Jensen says, “Who?” when Misha is introduced. (I liked that part.)

      1:42-Misha tries to sit in Jared’s lap and Jensen gives them a funny look.

      4:15ish-Jared rubs Jensen’s back.

      4:37-4:42-They both turn their heads back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in perfect sync with each other. So funny!!

      4:50-5:08-Jared again puts his hand behind Jensen.

      6:16-Jensen sees Jared pick up his phone and immediately knows that Jared wants pictures to tweet.

      7:00-When Jensen is asked about Dean getting any romance this year. Jared leans into the mic and starts to say something, but decides better of it. Then he smiles and looks at Misha. I want to know what he was going to say. (I envision him saying, “Yes, from me.”)

      8:27-Jared again puts his hand behind Jensen. (He just can’t help it.)

      8:36-8:48-The cute whispering moment.

      9:05-We hear a part not in the first video. Ben Edlund says, “They (Sam and Dean) are kind of emotional shut-ins that have to learn to deal with other people. They’ve spent a lot of time in that car together.” He says a few more things. Then he says, “We’re trying to get into real, human relationships. We’ll see how it goes. Good luck to all of us.” Jared then adds, “Sam and Dean and real human relationships? Good luck guys!”

      13:48-14:00-The panel speaker guy says that Crowley “took Kevin” and for whatever reason Jensen and Jared find this hilarious, and they whisper again. (Uh-huh!)

      14:10-Jensen takes Jared’s name plate away from him and then smiles really sweetly at him.

      16:13-18:50-We get to hear more that wasn’t in the first video…an idea for the season. There is a lot of stuff said, but the part I picked up on was from Jeremy Carver and he says, “Not withstanding all of the luggage they bring from their time apart from each other, they are VERY MUCH UNITED in going after this one thing.”

      19:58-Jensen is getting the crowd to scream for him. They do!

      20:09-Jensen puts his arm around Jared and he must rub his back because Jared turns to him.

      23:07-Jared gets Jensen’s attention by putting his hand on Jensen’s lap.

      32:04-JARED CALLS JENSEN “ACKLES”. I have never heard him actually call him that.

      40:40-The destial stuff and Jared does look kind of pissed and definitely possessive.

      42:11-Jared trying to talk about “against the wall” and “tied up” and it all going into the gutter. LOL

      42:36-Jensen says, “So bad.” Jared actually repeats it. Ben Edlund adds “When two bad guys really like each other…” and Jared has to wipe his face he is so flustered and Jensen just smiles this “how did this happen?” smile.

      I noticed that Jared and Jensen look to each other a lot while answering questions. It’s like they need assurance from each other.

      I noticed that Jared and Jensen cannot sit any closer to each other without being in each other’s laps. I vote one chair next year!!

      • Bwaaahahahahaha! Love the play by play! So perfect. Definitely going to watch that video again. I didn’t notice that Jared rubs Jensen’s back like that. Good eye!

      • What?! An excuse to rewatch a video with Jensen and Jared. I’m in!

      • ccthepornqueen

        awww jared, so protective <3 they're so in sync, i just can't take it! too cute! yes, i vote for one chair as well XD

      • I can’t the link to the video in your comment to work. Which ComicCon was this? Could you post an active link?

        Thank you so much!

  6. When Jared became flustered while trying to explain what he meant about them being tied up, he covered his face just before he smoothed his hair back. With his face behind his hands, he leans back away from the microhone and I heard him say to Jensen, “Can you do something?!”. If you listen to the YT video the WB network uploaded you can hear Jared say it. Crash and burn moment for jared

  7. When Jared became flustered while trying to explain what he meant about them being tied up, he covered his face just before he smoothed his hair back. With his face behind his hands, he leans back away from the microphone and I heard him say to Jensen, “Can you do something?!”. If you listen to the YT video the WB network uploaded you can hear Jared say it. Crash and burn moment
    for Jared and what does he do? He begs
    Jensen for help. Moments later, Jensen
    saves Jared by clarifying what he meant.
    So sweet of Jensen to rescue Jared like that! I am going to die from their love for each other. Too epic!

  8. On the show, Sam always walks and stands behind Dean, as if Dean is silently saying to the world, “If you want to get to Sammy, you’ll have to go through me”. But has anyone noticed that Jensen and Jared do the same thing? That Jared often walks and stands behind Jensen? So cute. And if Jensen moves 2 feet away from Jared, Jared moves 2 feet closer to Jensen as if he’s afraid to be separated from or lose Jensen. Jared does it every time and he’s completely unaware that he does. Now that’s true love.

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